Searching for employment can be a full-time job. Even with low rates of unemployment, the competition for finding a job is still very competitive. Companies decades ago would hire a person as an investment with the idea of keeping them employed for a long period of time. This mindset is now changed and hiring managers are looking for immediate value from the people they hire.

Everyone looking for a job is competing for many of the same open positions. Advertised positions for employment may seem to be abundant. However, many of these will be filled internally. The job market is never what it may seem to be.

Finding employment can be stressful, time-consuming, and ultimately depressing. With technology filtering thousands of resumes and employers being extremely selective, making the next career move or changing jobs can be a challenge.

Information Every Job Seeker Should Know

  • Recruiters take about 6 seconds on average to scan a resume.
  • Every job opening through an online career site will have an average of 250 applicants.
  • It is estimated that open positions are filled 85% of the time through networking.
  • Age discrimination does exist for older job seekers.
  • Companies that use an application tracking system to filter resume submissions reject 75% of them based on keywords.

Resource: The Ladders, AARP