The workplace is very different from decades ago. Technology, smartphones, and the internet has made it much easier to work anywhere. It has also made the employee’s more connected to work during times that should be away from the office.

The advances in technology have made telecommuting remote work much more possible. This is changing the hours and days people work compared to the standard nine to five. Not only is technology continually changing the work environment, but the laws and legalities for employers have changed. This has made companies more aware of hiring and termination practices.

It can be challenging to remain informed of the procedures and practices companies are adopting for their employees. Cultures are changing and so is the working environment. Navigating through politics and working toward career advancement can be a struggle in today’s workplace.

Workplace Photograph

Top Reasons Why People Change Jobs

Lack of Opportunity

Bad Management

Toxic Workplace

No Work-Life Balance

Corporate Culture